MS Word 2007 is a Windows version of Microsoft Office System and was launch on January 30, 2007. It contains a number of new features, among which is the entirely new graphical user interface, known as fluent user interface. Word 2007 provides editing and reviewing tool for creating professional-looking documents more easily than ever before. Its advanced data integration method enables the documents to remain connected to important sources of business information.

Word 2007 comes with new features like; converting document to PDF or XPS, adding digital signature to document, encrypting document, find and remove hidden metadata, share document confidently, etc. It can create, modify and format documents as per your requirement. It saves documents in .docx format and provides compatibility option to convert a document into .doc format to open it in earlier versions of Microsoft Word.

Documents written in Word 2007 are more efficient and secure than previous versions, but sometimes they get corrupted. Documents are mainly corrupted due to macro viruses, which get into them when you embed any macro, i.e., small program in your documents. You can repair Word 2007 document on Vista and other Windows OS computers. The Word file may also get corrupted for software conflict, sudden system reboots, power failure, virus attack, etc. can corrupt your Word 2007 document. You will not able to view your Word documents if it is corrupted. In such instances, you can use repair word software to fix corrupt docx file at fingertips.

Always take some precautionary steps in order to save your documents from being corrupted. Try to take a regular backup of your important Word documents in a USB drive or a DVD drive. Use some good quality antivirus software to check the programs that you are embedding in your Word document. By using these steps, you can minimize the chances of corruption of Word 2007 document. However, if your Word 2007 document is corrupted; you can download Word Repair tool to repair Microsoft Office Word document & then follow the steps to fix them. Word documents often get corrupted while transfering over the internet or from the external drives. In such an instance, you can make use of this repair word software to fix corrupt docx file. You can visit the page to know the process of repairing.

It will repair all types of DOC and DOCX documents, and even fix 2010 Word documents. This software is better than repair tool of Word 2007 and any other repair Word software available in the internet. Its powerful and efficient algorithms scan the complete corrupted file and make a new repaired copy of the file. It does not change the original corrupted file to avoid any further damage. This software will work on Windows operating system and you must have MS Word installed in the host computer to preview your repaired file. The software can be utilized for Word 2003 file repair along with the files created on MS Word 2000 and above versions within a few mouse clicks,

Using this repair tool you can easily repair all the word documents that are present in the system that have been corrupted as result of virus infection in the system. Virus gains access in the system as result of transferring files from infected system or while downloading from unsecure websites. Don't get upset! Use the services of this repair tool to fix virus infected word document. Go to to fix the issue

Download and install the trial vesion of the software and perform the steps given below to fix damaged Word file:

Step 1: Launch the software by clicking on the desktop icon or selecting it from programs menu. The main screen will come as shown in Fig A

Repair Word 2007 - Main window

Fig A: Main Window

Requirements: Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

Step 2: Now browse the corrupted file and select "Repair" button as shown in Fig B

Repair Word 2007 - Select corrupt file

Fig B: Select Corrupt Word Document

Step 3: The software will now repair the corrupted Word 2007 document and you can see the repair progress as shown in Fig C

Repair Word 2007 - Repair progress

Fig C: Repair Process

Requirements: Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

Step 4: Now preview your repaired document status as shown in Fig D

Repair Word 2007 - View repaired document

Fig D: View Repaired Document

Step 5: Finally, purchase and activate the software to save repaired file in your desired location as shown in Fig E

Repair Word 2007 - Save repaired word 2007 document

Fig E: Save Repaired Word 2007 Document

Requirements: Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

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