Microsoft Word 2007 is popular Word processing software in the Microsoft 2007 Office Suite. It facilitates you to create wide variety of professional looking documents using various stunning features of Microsoft such as styles, themes, Smart Art and many more. Word 2007 came up with killing features like ribbon, rich graphical effects, advanced data integration capabilities, fluent user interface etc. With the introduction of Microsoft Word 2007, most writers, editors, medical transcriptionists and freelancers etc. are lured towards using Word 2007 for bringing their imagination in to reality. DOCX is a file format of MS Word 2007 text editor. This file format is a package of XML files in compressed form. Hence the size of DOCX files are very less compared to older DOC files.

Even though DOCX file format has increased the data security essentials there are many possibilities that it might get corrupted. Once the file gets corrupted you cannot access its contents anymore and whenever you try to access the file you will be greeted by error message warning that the file has been damaged or corrupted and cannot be opened. If the corrupted or damaged document contains your important project related details then it becomes highly necessary to fix the file with the help of third party application named Word repair tool. This tool is provided with advanced features to carry out intensive scan of corrupted or damaged DOCX file and to resolve the issue within couple of minutes.

DOCX File gets Corrupted or Damaged under Following Scenarios:

  • Virus Attack: Virus invasion can severely corrupt the DOCX file and sometimes it deletes the file. Viruses usually enter the computer when you download any third party applications or contents from the unauthorized sites. Viruses enter unwanted text into the Word file thus damaging the original text in the file. They even make changes to the structure of the particular document and make it inaccessible and unusable.
  • Abrupt Shutdown of System: Sometimes the application may stop to work suddenly due to OS Crash, sudden power failure when the DOCX file is in active mode leading to the corruption of file. So it is always recommended to properly shut down the system only after exiting the Microsoft application by saving the opened documents.
  • Round Tripping: Round Tripping is the leading cause for the corruption of Microsoft documents. Round tripping is a format of converting a document from one format to other format and back repeatedly. It is highly necessary to avoid round tripping at any cost if not document corruption increases greatly. Converting DOCX file to PDF format and then back to DOCX format damages the file content severely.
  • Usage of Poor Compression Tools: Using pirated or outdated versions of third party applications to compress the DOCX file can damage your DOCX file.
  • Application Malfunction: It is very essential to install the MS Word 2007 application properly. Incomplete or improper installation of MS Word application can cause errors while accessing and saving the DOCX files. Not only this unauthorized changes made to the setting of the application with the help of pirated third party utilities can corrupt the file beyond manual repair. Only way to repair Word 2007 DOCX file is to use word file repiar tool

To avoid such critical situations you need to follow precautionary measures mentioned below:

  • Always keep the updated backup copy of important files on some trust worthy device.
  • Run genuine antivirus application on the system to avoid corruption from virus attack.
  • Never install any pirated third party application which can damage DOCX files.

However even after taking above precautionary measures if you are unable to save your precious DOCX file from corruption then make use of Word repair tool to sort out the issue. It can easily fix corrupt Word document of any size and format. It performs deep scanning of the corrupted or damaged file and extracts the data from it. It makes new healthy DOCX file with extracted information thereby ensuring that the original DOCX file remains intact during repair. It can fix broken Word file on Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and 2008 within few mouse clicks

The advanced features of the utility can repair MS Word 2003 DOC file with utmost ease and restores OLE objects, texts, formatting, hyperlinks from the corrupted file. Go to to get knowledge about the fixing process. You can easily fix highly encrypted and password protected Word files without breaking the password code. This tool is available in trial version. Download and launch the trial version of the application to judge the capability of the software. This utility is also capable to repair Word document header in an effective and efficient way. If you are fulfilled with the results that you have got from trial version just go ahead and buy the complete version of the application and save repaired file to the final destination location.

Requirements: Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

Follow simple steps provided below to fix DOCX files efficiently:

Step 1: Download and install the trial version of the application on your computer. Run the application to bring the main screen as shown in Figure 1

Repair Word 2007 DOCX - Welcome window

Figure 1: Welcome Window

Step 2: Browse the corrupted DOCX file of Word 2007 and select "Repair" button as shown in Figure 2

Repair Word 2007 DOCX - Browse for corrupt word file

Figure 2: Browse Corrupt Word File

Step 3: Once your Word file is repaired, you can check the repaired status as shown in Figure 3

Repair Word 2007 DOCX - Check repair status of the word file

Figure 3: Check Repair Status

Step 4: If you are happy with the repaired results buy the complete version of the application and save repaired file as shown in Figure 4

Repair Word 2007 DOCX - Save repaired word file

Figure 4: Save Repaired File

Requirements: Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

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