Microsoft Word provides the most secure way to store the digital information on the computer. But in some unforeseen instances, Word 2003 doc file gets damaged due to which it becomes very complicated to access the doc files from the computer. For proper accessing of Word 2003 file, you need to repair Word file with the help of our Microsoft Word repair software that can repair Word files on different  operating system editions including Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7. The software reads your damaged Word file and repair it by extracting text from it, hence any further damage to the Word 2003 file is prevented and keeps the original file intact. After the accomplishment of repair process, the Word repair software generates a new repaired Word file that can be stored on a healthy drive on your computer.

Follow the link to see that how this much applauded Word repair tool fix Word document and restores the texts, OLE objects & also the fields with hyperlinks from the corrupt Word file. There are various factors that are responsible for the Word 2003 file getting corrupted, some of the scenarios in which you can use this tool for corrupt Word file repair are discussed below:

  • Macro Virus: Macro virus intrudes into the Word 2003 file when you add some programs and pictures in it. It takes advantage of the structure of the Word file and replicates itself when certain events occur. The Word file infected by Macro virus becomes inaccessible and you have to use a repair tool to fix the affected Word file.
  • Improper system reboots: If your computer reboots repeatedly when the Word file is in use, this will eventually damage that Word file making it unreadable.
  • Round tripping: If you repeatedly convert a Word file from one format to another and again back to the original format, this will result in severe damage to the Word 2003 file.
  • During transfer of file: As the Word files are used by numerous users, these files are transferred between various computers with the help of external storage devices such as memory card, USB flash drive, external hard drive, etc. During the transfer process, there are chances of Word file getting corrupted.

In all the above mentioned instances, your Word file header might get severely corrupted making the file inaccessible. Here you can repair Word file header corrupted or damaged with the help of Word repair tool within few mouse clicks. This software will make use of sophisticated algorithms designed specifically to be compatible with different versions of Microsoft Word. The software has the capability to fix broken Word 2010 file and the files that are created in MS Word 2000 and above versions. Go to to know about fixing process. One of the unique feature of this software is that it can even repair the Word 2003 files that are password-protected and encrypted using any third-party utility. After the completion of repair process, the software provides an option to preview the recovered Word file prior to actual restoration on your personal computer.

You need to carry out the simple steps explained here to repair word 2003 DOC File:

Step I: Run the software and browse the location of damaged Word file on the main interface. Then click “Repair” as shown in Fig I.

Repair Word 2003 DOC File - Browse Location of Corrupt Word File to repair

Fig I: Browse Corrupted Word File

Requirements: Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

Step II: The software starts to repair the Word file and upon completion, it displays the confirmation message, as shown in Fig II. The software provides an option to preview the repaired file.

Repair Word 2003 DOC File - Message of confirmation of Repair Process

Fig II: Accomplishment of Repair Process

Step III: Use the “Register” option from the previous window to activate the demo version of the software and provide the location for saving the new repaired file on the computer drive, as shown in Fig III.

Repair Word 2003 DOC File - Save new repaired Word file

Fig III: Save New Repaired Word File

Requirements: Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

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